Olympic challenge update …

Hello knitters! How goes your knitting challenge for the Olympics this year? Are you on pace to reach the medal podium? Bronze? Silver? Gold?!!

Well, even though I started 2 days late, I was quite confident that I would get my challenge done before the closing ceremonies this coming Sunday. Now, I’m not so sure …

As they said in Smokey and The Bandit … “We’ve got a long way to go and a short time to get there … We gotta do what they say can’t be done!”

To reiterate, my challenge was to design, knit, and write the pattern for a sweater. I’ve mostly designed it (I’ve changed my mind about the Guernsey cable detail), knit the front and back (again, up to the ridge before the start of the detail), and patterned out up to where I’ve finished so far. Here’s what I have right now …


I’m quite pleased with it so far and I’m LOVING the yarn – SuperSexy by the Buffalo Wool Co.! It’s a Bison down/silk combination that is warm, and delightful to work with. Even though it has a firm texture that “feels” like a sweater, it is quite soft to the skin and has great stitch retention.

So what happened to put me behind so much? Well, in a nutshell, summer showed up here in Vancouver, BC. We’ve had a crazy few seasons going back to winter last year. We actually didn’t have much of a winter at all … more like an extended fall. It was very mild even though the local mountains got lots of snow. Then spring arrived early and with it a month and a half of “summer heat”. So much so that all the produce has been a full month ahead of schedule this year.

Then summer came according to the calendar and the long days/nights, but the weather was very sporadic alternating between spring/summer/and fall throughout the weeks. This was primarily why I was so confident that I would finish this in the 15 days I had. Then, like I said, in the last 2 weeks, summer has been here in all it’s glory!! I love it, but it has cut into my knitting time. I’ve been hiking, blading, swimming, riding my bike, and working on my tan! 😉

So much so in fact, I haven’t seen much of the games. I’ve caught a few volleyball matches (Go Canada) and seen Usain win the 100m for the third time (Go Jamaica), but I have missed a lot … and with that a lot of knitting time as well!


Still, I am confident I will at least get this knit. That will mean I will have finished the design and knitting portion of the challenge. If I do that, I’ll give myself a silver medal … but being the competitor I am I’m still going for the GOLD!!

How is your project coming along?

Hugzzz 😎

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