Keep Calm and Knit on!

There’s a tradition that has become a staple in the lives of many knitters when the Olympics come around. Even though the IOC tried to ban it and had the unofficial “official” name changed, us knitters are a pesky lot and still carry on the not to be named tradition of casting on a new project during the opening ceremonies of the games with the goal of casting it off before the culmination of said games. Well, this year is no different and I urge you to “compete” by challenging yourself to this very task. It doesn’t have to be an afghan, or pi shawl, or anything that large and/or complicated. Of course, if you’re up to it, go crazy! But a scarf or cowl or baby jumper will be fine as well. This is meant to be a challenge that will challenge you but should also be attainable. We all have different time commitments and you only have 17 days to complete it. Actually, there’s only 15 left now. 🙂

I, myself, and doing a sweater. I was swatching some SuperSexy yarn from The Buffalo Wool Company on Thursday and not knowing what type of sweater to make with it (it was always going to be a sweater). It then struck me to make a Guernsey (even though SuperSexy is DK weight, it will work very well) and with some help from Shannon (thank you again by the way), I got a rough sketch of what I want it to look like. It should make a great addition to the collection of sweater patterns I’m working on.


The above picture is the swatch after blocking. I will end up ripping it back to the end of the stocking stitch portion and sew that piece into the sweater when it’s finished for and repairs needed in the future. As you’ve probably guessed, there will be cables in this sweater! 😉 Actually, here is a rough sketch of what it will look like.


It’s a raglan design in the swatch, but I’m certain I will make it a drop shoulder design. I am allowed to change my mind, right?! 😉

So after some measurements of the swatch and calculations, I cast on yesterday while at work (I did get to watch some of the women’s rugby) and got this much done …


I can’t tell you how impressed I am with this yarn too! SuperSexy is the perfect name for it. It’s a 50/50 combination of Bison down and Silk and an absolute dream to work with. It has a great hand while knitting and after going through 3 skeins (50g/140 yds) I have yet to come across a single knot!! Great job Ron!! I will do a full review of the yarn in a future post, but right now I can’t wait to finish this and put it on! With that said, time to go watch a bit of the games and get more knitting done!

I’m hoping to have this completed and the pattern done by the end of the Olympics. Wish me luck as I’ll need it!

Hugzzz 😎

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  1. Looks like a great sweater, based on the design! Can’t wait to see the finished project. 🙂

  2. A Guernsey (gansey) pattern is on my list, too – look forward to seeing your finished product! O, and good luck with the ‘SuperSexy’ event!

  3. Good luck with the sweater Steve and keep us posted re: progress. If you can i.e.. .we can’t watch the Olympics because our t.v. is not connected 🙁 but I will cast on for a sweater…my yarn isn’t as luxurious as bison but I like it 🙂

    South Kilkenny

  4. I will definitely let you know how it turns out Sandra! And please keep us appraised about your project as well!
    Hugzzz 😎

  5. Thanks Laura!! I hope I don’t disappoint!
    Hugzzz 😎

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