Episode 12

The MrHugzzz clone is back! We needed him to display the shirts that have been on the website for a few weeks now. If you watch the full episode you’ll find out how you can get your own shirt (with a 10%) discount and have the chance to have your shirt purchase price refunded – including shipping! Show your #ballsoutpride in your very own. You can get them at this link ….

KnitU – In KnitU we learn a really neat technique called Navajo knitting. It’s actually not a new way to knit – it’s a way to ply your yarn in triplicate for the times when you want to knit your yarn thicker than it is. 3x thicker in fact. You also learn how to switch from Navajo to regular and then back to Navajo during your work. This is a great way to create really cool effects while you’re working or just use up your stash. It will change fingering or sock weight yarn to about a DK so instead of going out and getting new yarn you can use up all the yarn you bought for shawls!

Beehive in the 40’s!

Local Yarn Shop Spotlight – In this segment we’re visiting Canada’s oldest continually operating yarn store – Beehive Yarns. Beehive is in Victoria, BC and has been in operation since 1906!! It has always been family owned – currently with the 4th family to have owned it. It has also always been in Victoria, and is currently located in the heart of downtown, next door to Chinatown in Victoria. While Victoria, BC is a destination on many people’s bucket list, Beehive Wool Shop is a destination yarn shop in its own right and well worth the trip! You’ll be amazed by the selection of goodies in the shop and it will quickly become one of your favourite yarn shops. And after it closes you can always have a stroll through Victoria – one of the most beautiful cities in Canada. It’s definitely a win/win!

Lars and I in New York!

Designer Spotlight – I’m honoured to call Lars Rains one of my friends and I was eternally grateful when he agreed to allow me to interview him for the show. In this segment Lars tell us about his time in the industry and the changes he’s seen. He goes into detail about his experience of writing his first book – Modern Lopi – and the challenges he faced and overcame in doing this. Lars and I also talk candidly about the changes in the industry, and the conversation of inclusion and diversity that is taking place. It’s enlightening to hear his personal experience and take on this subject and its importance in the current climate. He also discusses what it takes to be a designer and offers some insightful advice for anyone interested in delving into this facet of the industry.

Of note

The best yarn bowls around …

The yarn bowl that Lars is using is designed and made by Indian Lake Artisans. You can get your very own here … YARN BOWLS

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