Episode 13

It Takes Balls To Knit – Episode 13!

In this episode we have a great conversation with a designer that took the knitting world by storm in January of last year. Yes, none other that Sylvia-Watts Cherry! She showed up at VKL in New York wearing what can only be described as a “painting on wool” – her Neubian Queen cardigan. Needless to say she didn’t go a moment without hearing a “oooh” or “aaah” from the festival goers.

Nubian queen being modelled by true queens!

I was very lucky to get a few minutes with Sylvia in London later that fall and we had a great conversation about her, the cardigan, and what’s in store for the near future! I had a great time talking to Sylvia and am pleased to let you in on the chat. I’m certain there will be a follow up segment on Sylvia in the future – maybe after her book comes out? 😉

I have to admit I have a fascination with the history of knitting and the related fibre arts. I find it fascinating to find out how it all began and get a peek into the minds of the people that created what they created and learn how and why. Last summer I got the opportunity to visit the ONLY steam powered weaving mill in the world!! It came about entirely by chance (although I don’t believe in coincidences) and I am deliriously happy I got the chance to experience this.

A shuttle and loom at QSM

I’m talking about Queen Street Mill which has been converted to a working museum to preserve – and hopefully help revive – the history of cotton weaving in the UK. Luckily while I was there, not only did I get a tour and explanation from museum manager Kary Brackhouse, I also found out about an exhibition that was being prepared for the fall of last year, and got on site demos from Graham and Charlie.
Don’t worry though, I got it on camera and am delighted to take you on the tour with me. If you get the chance though you should definitely go check out this mill in person – it’s well worth the trip!

KnitReel is back in this episode with a breakdown of upcoming festivals in March. Unfortunately, as most of you know, Edinburgh Yarn Festival is not happening this year but will return in 2021. Also of note, due to the COVID-19 virus situation in the United States, Vogue Knitting Live in Seattle and Stitches United in Hartford, CT have been postponed. FibresWest has also been postponed. Check their website for updates. Also on that list is Knit City Montreal. Again, they will have updates on their websites. We’ll continue to do one segment of KnitReel each month to highlight the prominent festivals and happenings for that month. If you’d like your festival or event listed send an e-mail to ittakesballstoknit@gmail.com and put KnitReel in the subject line!