New Year, New Decade … New You?

[Translate] Welcome to the Roarin’ 20’s! Oops, that was 100 years ago. So what are the 20’s of this era going to be called I wonder? When we look back, what will we say about them? Well, I’m not certain what everyone else is going to say about them, but I know I’m going to say it was the decade I expanded my view and increased my knitting IQ! How would you like to do that with me? How? Sweaters and More! What’s that? Here’s a brief little video explaining that and how I think we can all take […]

Olympic challenge update …

[Translate] Hello knitters! How goes your knitting challenge for the Olympics this year? Are you on pace to reach the medal podium? Bronze? Silver? Gold?!! Well, even though I started 2 days late, I was quite confident that I would get my challenge done before the closing ceremonies this coming Sunday. Now, I’m not so sure … As they said in Smokey and The Bandit … “We’ve got a long way to go and a short time to get there … We gotta do what they say can’t be done!” To reiterate, my challenge was to design, knit, and […]

The Knit must go on … …

[Translate] If I can be so bold as to pass on a piece of advice to you it’s this … perform regular backups! Preferably on a weekly schedule, depending on how much information you’re putting on your hard drive. You can delete the previous one after the current one is complete, although I would recommend keeping 2 and on separate drives. Yeah, last week this was my computer … That’s not how you want an iMac to look. It’s really hard seeing websites when it’s in that condition. o_O So yes, my hard drive failed. I think the data […]

The 1,000 stitch a day KAL …

[Translate] One of the great things about being a knitter is enjoying the sense of community we all share when we meet other knitters. Knitting has a great way of creating instant bonds like no other commonality I know of. It crosses genders, race, knowledge, language, everything, and instantly connects two people like nothing else. In this “Close Knit Community” I have become a part of – and that you are a part of as well – is a great mastermind or collective that can take a random thought and turn it into a tangible idea. It turns out […]

Steppin’ Out!

[Translate] Well, believe it or not, I turned 3 a month ago! Yup, I’m 3! My first post on this blog was 3 years ago on January 13th. Don’t feel bad if you didn’t wish me happy birthday, I didn’t realize it myself. I actually thought it was this month I was going to turn 3. The laugh’s on me and I take it easily. If you can’t laugh at yourself, you’re taking yourself too seriously. I didn’t mention this to too many people, but I had a few goals when I started this blog/website. It was partially an […]