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[Translate] #youshouldhavebeenthere If you didn’t make it to Woollinn this year, the above hashtag sums it up in one (okay, technically 5) word! I’m interrupting my regular postings to bring you this quick review of an absolutely stupendous event, especially for a first year! I would have to say the theme of the event this year was #colour!! It was everywhere, vibrant, and saturated. Here is a link to a walk through I did on Facebook. Unfortunately, because of the size of it, it didn’t upload in HD. 🙁 Woollinn Walkthrough There was an great list of instructors teaching […]

Countess Ablaze!

[Translate] As you may know, I am currently spending 2 months traveling through the UK and Europe. There are a few reasons for the trip, but among the primary ones are to visit family members and friends that I have not met or seen in ages, and to explore the knitting culture firsthand on the “other side of the pond”! I recently got a chance to do the latter by visiting a yarn store in Manchester, England – Countess Ablaze! I’ve been visiting my aunt Jem for the last week since arriving in the UK, and we went into […]

Back with Angel 2.0!

[Translate] Hi everybody! I’m not quite sure what to say to explain my lengthy absence, just that life happens and I’ll try to not let it happen again.  🙁 On the bright side however, there’s lot to tell and update you with! That means that there will be a few more posts than what will be my norm in the next few weeks. Likely about 3 – 4, then we’ll settle back down to the 2 or so a week after that. So jumping right in back into the swing, I have a new pattern release! Actually, the pattern […]

Olympic challenge update …

[Translate] Hello knitters! How goes your knitting challenge for the Olympics this year? Are you on pace to reach the medal podium? Bronze? Silver? Gold?!! Well, even though I started 2 days late, I was quite confident that I would get my challenge done before the closing ceremonies this coming Sunday. Now, I’m not so sure … As they said in Smokey and The Bandit … “We’ve got a long way to go and a short time to get there … We gotta do what they say can’t be done!” To reiterate, my challenge was to design, knit, and […]

Keep Calm and Knit on!

[Translate] There’s a tradition that has become a staple in the lives of many knitters when the Olympics come around. Even though the IOC tried to ban it and had the unofficial “official” name changed, us knitters are a pesky lot and still carry on the not to be named tradition of casting on a new project during the opening ceremonies of the games with the goal of casting it off before the culmination of said games. Well, this year is no different and I urge you to “compete” by challenging yourself to this very task. It doesn’t have […]