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Olympic challenge update …

[Translate] Hello knitters! How goes your knitting challenge for the Olympics this year? Are you on pace to reach the medal podium? Bronze? Silver? Gold?!! Well, even though I started 2 days late, I was quite confident that I would get my challenge done before the closing ceremonies this coming Sunday. Now, I’m not so sure … As they said in Smokey and The Bandit … “We’ve got a long way to go and a short time to get there … We gotta do what they say can’t be done!” To reiterate, my challenge was to design, knit, and […]

Keep Calm and Knit on!

[Translate] There’s a tradition that has become a staple in the lives of many knitters when the Olympics come around. Even though the IOC tried to ban it and had the unofficial “official” name changed, us knitters are a pesky lot and still carry on the not to be named tradition of casting on a new project during the opening ceremonies of the games with the goal of casting it off before the culmination of said games. Well, this year is no different and I urge you to “compete” by challenging yourself to this very task. It doesn’t have […]

Color me wowed!!

[Translate] Have you ever seen “Clown Barf”? It’s kinda funny! No, really, it is! Have you ever knit with it? No, it’s not some new fiber developed by the knitting community. Although, it’s creators certainly have the intelligence and background to probably do that! Well, thanks to Nicole and Cordula, (Kalessin and Haramis17 on Ravelry – follow the links to see some of their great works and designs), you can if you want to! And it’s actually much more pleasant than it sounds. Click on this picture to see how. It’s a merino/silk/cashmere lace weight yarn from DyeForWool.   […]

Measure Twice, Knit Once …

[Translate] I love books! I always have and always will.  Knitting books are even better and I am always looking for the next book to add to my knitting library. Yes, a knitting library. There are books that I find intriguing because of a special technique, or vividly colored photos and some of special interest to me personally. Then there are books that I think are absolutely essential in order to develop my skill in the craft of knitting. This review is about such a book … Made To Measure … knit a perfect fit every time by Deborah […]

Close Knit Community

[Translate] Every now and then something happens that just puts a smile on my face! Yesterday, this very thing happened. I was coming home on transit from a day on a commercial for Wells Fargo when I noticed the Chinese lady behind me had a unique pouch for her Compass Card. That’s the card that we now use for our transit system to pay our fares. The color – a dark cranberry – caught my eye first. When I looked closer I realized it had been knitted. I tapped her on the shoulder and asked if she knitted it […]