A new decade …

It’s amazing how time passes, isn’t it? In just over a month and a half we will be ushering in a new decade!! Wow!! While there’s still lots to do in this one, it’s also necessary to start planning the beginning of the next one as well! At camp Hugzzz, things are buzzing! Not only do I have a major project launching on January 1st (you’ll see more about that in the next blog post), I’m already booking teaching gigs for next year. They’ll line up nicely with the content I need to get for the YouTube show as well which is starting to gain momentum and will be continuing indefinitely for the foreseeable future.

If you’ve never been to Woollinn I can understand as there have only been 2 so far. To say that you need to add it to your bucket list however is an understatement! This is hands down one of my favourite knitting events and I am amazed at the growth it has had in just 2 years!! When you see the work that Lisa and her team from This Is Knit put into it however, it’s not surprising. I’m pleased to announce that next year I will be teaching 2 classes at Woollinn alongside some pretty amazing instructors! The workshop preview is already live and can be found on their website (link above) and tickets will go on sale on November 13th at 4:00 pm GMT. I’ll be teaching 2 classes – 15 Things Knitters Should Know and 2 Handed Fair Isle Technique. Plan which classes you want to take and make sure to set your alarm as I’m sure classes will fill up quickly!

See you next decade?

I’ll be doing a special full day workshop at Whistlebare Farm in Northumberland on May 9th, 2019! This is their Grand Day Out event and will be an all inclusive workshop where you’re going to learn a lot about cables!! I’ll show you how to create cables with AND without a cable needle, how to incorporate cables into your work, reading charts, and much more! There’s also two skeins of Whistlebare Yarn, morning coffee/tea and cake, home cooked lunch of soup, bread and local cheese, afternoon coffee/tea with yes, more cake, meeting the livestock and easy farm walk and 10% discount on any purchase made on the day! You can sign up on the website (link above).

Having had a successful campaign in doing workshops at individual stores in the UK, I will in all likelihood do so again while I am over there next year. I’ve already spoken to Ginger Twist Studios and Tribe Yarns so keep an eye out for news about dates and topics. Better yet, join our Close Knit Community to get news of all upcoming events and let me know where you’d like to see me and what you’d like to learn! Watch this space for the special project launching very soon for the start of the new decade!

Hugzzz 😎

Episode 7!

Yes, episode 7 of the show is now up! You can follow the link or watch it below!

Episode 7

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In this episode we look at what to do when you have a skein of yarn that you want to knit with and no ball winder. In actuality you can knit it straight off the skein, but that may lead to a tangle if you’re not very careful. Here’s how to wind it into a cake or a centre pull ball! Milli from Tribe Yarns shows you how to do the cake, and I the centre pull ball.

Milli of Tribe Yarns!

If you’ve ever travelled to Edinburgh, Scotland, you’ve probably visited Ginger Twist Studio and seen all the wonderful fibre goodness Jess manages to pack into that wee little shop of hers! If you haven’t, add it to your bucket list! Not only is it the neatest little shop you’ll see, I couldn’t possibly tell you the delight I had chatting and knitting with Jess – and the gang from the Townhouse Knitters (their Monday night knit night group). what’s even cooler is watching Jess as she knits! Taught by her grandmother, she adapted the continental style to suit her left handedness and does it entirely in reverse – even taking the stitches from the right needle to the left! And she’s blinding fast – even in slow motion!

Jess and her possé (Townhouse Knitters) at the Barrelhouse Bar and Grill!

After that we come back to Vancouver, BC where Trudy Ann of Trudy Anns Chai serves us up a cup (or tow or three) of her Bombay Masala Chai! Man is it ever good!! Watch and find out how you can get her cookbook, spices, and some chai as well! Did you know that “chai” means “tea” in English? Remember that the next time you ask for some “chai tea” because what you’re really asking for is some “tea tea”! 😉

Trudy Ann and her Bombay Masala Chai!

There’s also a contest winner announcement and a new giveaway from this episode! Here is the video if you want to watch it here – and please remember to subscribe to the channel and check out my Patreon page if you’re able to help support this endeavour!

Episode 7

Hugzzz 😎

Fall into Knitting …

I hope you’ve enjoyed summer where ever you are – and if you’ve been in the UK that week of sunshine that you had in July? I myself have been in Vancouver for a few weeks but mostly in the UK. As luck would have it, I had a fantastic month in Vancouver but missed the said week in the UK. The good news is that I’ll be heading back to Vancouver in time for FALL!! And for the KnitCity yarn festival in early October. And maybe Rhinebeck? Or maybe to Barcelona for a knitting festival there? It’s all up in the air at the moment.

Unfortunately, one thing that is not up in the air is that I won’t be at Perth this coming weekend. While I am disappointed at not going, I’m more disappointed because it could have been avoided and I’m going to miss out on meeting a lot of people I had looked forward to meeting. For those that were planning on saying hello, I am sorry that this wasn’t announced earlier. I was asked not to say anything as I was told there would be an official announcement, but it appears that isn’t happening. Please do keep in touch and I will do what I can to remedy this unfortunate situation.

The news isn’t all bad however as I was able to meet Jillian of Mothy and The Squid and she introduced me to Kate of Sealy MacWheely. I’ve gotten footage of both and they will both be featured in an upcoming episode of the show!! I’ve also been able to nurture a few connections that will lead to some great events and collaborations in the near future. And speaking of the show, episode 5 will be up this week!

I’ve also had an amazing visit with Susan Crawford of Susan Crawford Vintage and can’t wait to share all of that as well. That will be a multi-segment exposé as Susan does so much on her farm it will amaze you! There’s lots more to show and tell but you’ll have to stay tuned here and on the YouTube channel for all the details! Here’s a small smattering of pictures …

Now that it’s fall, what’s on your needles? Are you planning on casting on a sweater for the upcoming cooler/colder/freezing days ahead? I certainly am!! And some scarves too! I’m looking forward to seeing what you’re doing so please keep in touch here and everywhere else on social media. If you didn’t know, you can find me as mrhugzzz on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook and ITBTK on Twitter – although I’m not on there that much.

Hugzzz 😎

All about Woollinn!

Episode 4 of the show is now up! You can see it at this link – Episode 4! Fair warning – it’s a looooong one, but I think it’s worth it! Why? Well, it’s dedicated entirely to Woollinn 2019. If you didn’t make it you may feel like you had been there and if you did it will bring back some memories from just over a month ago!

There’s a more comprehensive breakdown of it under The Show tab on this site, as I’ve finally gotten around to getting that page up and running. I’ll be putting up each episode (and catching up on the first three) as they get published on the YouTube channel. If you haven’t already, I’d love it (and really appreciate it) if you subscribed. That way you’ll get notified when a new episode airs!

Back to Woollinn – I have to re-iterate how impressed I am with this festival. It’s definitely on my favorites list and I still can’t believe this is only it’s second year! I was able to condense the footage I shot to just over 2.5 hours. I know that’s a long time but I think you’ll like it. Cast on a small project before you start and see if you get it done by the end! There’s lots of great footage of the event and I hope it convinces you to come and check it out in 2020. You won’t be disappointed and you’ll be in Ireland! And hopefully you’ll say hello to me and get some hugzzz!

Personally I can’t wait to see you there and say hello to old friends and make some new ones as well!

Hugzzz 😎

Episode 2 is up!!

I’m very happy to tell you that episode 2 of the show is now up. You can find it on YouTube by clicking this link …
Episode 2 … or stay on this site and watch it here!

In this episode we welcome a new product sponsor – Erin Lane Bags – and have 3 giveaways for our viewers in 2 segments.

The Sock Project Bag from Erin Lane Bags. Image by Erin Lane Bags

We travel to Bellingham, Washington to visit Andrea and Andrew Evans of Apple Yarns in our new LYS Spotlight segment. You’ll love their humour and their store and be eligible to win some great yarn and pattern to make the Ripple Effect shawl designed by Claudia Barbo.

The Ripple Effect shawl designed by Claudia Barbo. Image by Andrew Evans

After that we’ll go to Chiliwack, BC to visit Kim and Evan of Black Cat Custom Yarns to see just what it takes to dye hundreds of skeins of yarns in over 185 colours!! And you’ll also get a chance to win 2 skeins of yarn from them in the colour of your choice!

All Your Lace – 1 of 11 bases offered by Black Cat Custom Yarns (in 185+ colours)! Image by Black Cat Custom Yarns

That’s not all however as Jenna Vallee of Everlea Yarns will update us with what’s happening around the globe in the world of fibre arts. Fair warning though, make sure you watch right through the credits to get a chance to win all of the goodies up for grabs this week!

I hope you’ll like the show and make sure you subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss anything coming up. In 2 weeks we’ll talk to Barb of Knitted Knockers, learn a cool trick with the long tail cast-on, and check out a mens knit night in Brooklyn, NY. You want to miss that!

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