That time of year ….

This is the time of year that most people refer to as the “Dog Days of Summer”. Most knitters don’t think of knitting in the heat (except those in the Southern Hemisphere who are enjoying winter) and I used to be among this group. There are actually lots of great things to knit in the summer to keep you cool, and definitely in the evenings it’s a great time to unwind during those long summer nights.

Today is also July 25th, or as it is getting to be known as, Christmas in July! That’s right, Christmas is only 5 months away! For those of you that have long Christmas lists, now is a great time to get a jump on it, as it will be here before you know it! We’re already 7 months into the year if you can believe that.

Tomorrow is also the last day of the Tour de France, and while it looks like Chris Froome will win it, we have a much more exciting event in the knitting world – the Tour de Fleece! Every year, thousands (perhaps millions) of spinners spin fleece into luscious fibre during the same period of the Tour de France. This event has gotten so popular, there are dozens of groups on Ravelry and all over the internet dedicated to just that! You can find them using the hashtag #tourdefleece or #tourdefleece2015. Facebook has an event page here … Facebook Tour de Fleece … and Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are all abuzz with the event. Here is a picture of a friend of mine – Julie Bates – enjoying one of those lovely summer evenings spinning …


As for myself, I have not yet learned the art of spinning, although it is planned for the very near future, but I have managed to keep my fingers busy during these summer months. I’ve been knitting a lot while commuting and while watching a few shows here and there (love the new series Sense8) and I’ve finished a cardigan for me … yeah!

my cardi

This is made out of Heaven’s Hand by Cornelia Hamilton, and is 100% wool. The yarn has a wonderful tonal color and is one of the easiest blocking yarns I have ever worked with. I might make another one in a burnt orange or teal. Which do you think?


Needless to say, the weather is too warm for a photo shoot for the pattern. It will be noticeably cooler soon and said pattern will be available then. I’ve also been knitting the Barrington sweater and should finish that sometime this week. The knitting will be done (except for the neck) this weekend, then it needs to be blocked. Again, the photography will have to wait until the male version is completed and the weather cools down a bit.

barrington sweater

So what have you been knitting this summer?

Hugzzz 😎

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