barrington braid

How to tie a scarf and help A Hundred Ravens!

[Translate] As we’re getting into the coldest part of the winter here in the Northern Hemisphere, we find ourselves bundling up to protect against the cold that comes with it. What better way to do that than with a super scarf?! What’s a super scarf? Well, it’s one that’s a minimum of 100″ long and 10″ wide (no, I don’t know who decided on this). Luckily, I have such a pattern for you to make your very own! This scarf came about for 2 reasons. A few years back, A Hundred Ravens generously gifted me some yarn to “play […]

Barrington is here!

[Translate] The pattern for Barrington is finally live! This is without question, my favourite design to date, and I’m sure it will be at or near the top for quite some time. Why? Well, the story behind Barrington is a long one. It actually started very soon after I learned to knit. It was at this time that I discovered my fascination with cables!! While I love almost every aspect of knitting, cables remain my favourite thing to create. I have a difficult time creating something without a cable in there somewhere–you’ve probably noticed that. A little while back, […]

All we need is hugzzz … and CABLES!!

[Translate] Well, it’s been an exciting, interesting, informative, reflective, saddening, and emotional (yes, there are more I could add) few months in the online knitting community, hasn’t it?! If you’re unaware of what I’m talking about, head over to Instagram or Ravelry, and scroll through your feed. I’m sure in no time at all you’ll come across the “conversation” that has been going on. If you’re not following me on Instagram, you can do so, and you’ll see mention of it in my feed. I’m going to bypass a summary for the time being, but I will be visiting […]

That time of year ….

[Translate] This is the time of year that most people refer to as the “Dog Days of Summer”. Most knitters don’t think of knitting in the heat (except those in the Southern Hemisphere who are enjoying winter) and I used to be among this group. There are actually lots of great things to knit in the summer to keep you cool, and definitely in the evenings it’s a great time to unwind during those long summer nights. Today is also July 25th, or as it is getting to be known as, Christmas in July! That’s right, Christmas is only […]

Help is on the Way …

[Translate] On Saturday I had the great pleasure to teach a Cables class to 20 knitters at Apple Yarns in Bellingham, Washington. Over 3 hours I shared with them what I could about cables and such. Now I don’t know about other instructors, but when I teach people anything, I try and go beyond the simple technique and give them the tools they need to apply those skills in everyday projects. In this case, it was showing them how increasing their understanding of cables and how they behave might give them the confidence to adapt a pattern or perhaps […]