Plum perfect!

Hangin' out in the Plum Project Studio!

Okay, let me start by saying that I am not putting up this post to annoy anyone who doesn’t happen to live in or around the greater metropolitan area of Vancouver, BC. It just so happens that we are a very blessed city and every day it just seems to get better and better. Last night my regular Thursday knitting group (Froggers Anonymous – you can find them at went on a field trip to check out a new shop in North Vancouver – Plum Project Studio. Wow – how cool was that! The owner/operator is Janice Agar and she has a space nestled in the community of Deep Cove on the North Shore. From here she teaches and promotes kitting, crocheting, quilting, sewing, and embroidery and whatever other needle arts this might lead into. You can view her website by clicking on this link – Plum Project Inc. – to see her studio and some of her wares. Janice says that she is trying to create a diverse space and will just allow it to morph into an identity of its own. I think she has done a great job with just the right amount of materials in each area to not only interest you, but to keep you coming back for more. I particularly like her concept of “sustainable stitches” and was impressed with her collections of organic fibers! I was also impressed by the books she decided to have in the store – not just pattern books but books that you would like to have a copy of in a personal library (some of them I do) for reference and learning. The feeling in the store is more of learning concepts and exploring outward rather than being sold a particular item or idea.

Janice at her desk - do you see the 20mm Brittanys?

About the evening, my group and I arrived a little early and it was clear from the onset that we were going to love it. The talking started easily and quickly and never stopped all evening. The arrival of more people just made it even better as we had experiences and preferences in various areas. I am sure you understand and know what it can be like when crafters get together with other crafters who share a similar passion. I guess it can be like this in any sort of group, but the great thing about this one was that even though we were all strangers, we bonded instantly and felt at ease sharing our experiences. The dynamic was great, the space sublime, and Janice had even put out snacks for us! This was the first of her get togethers and the topic was Frog or finish and it was great. I got to work on my boxers while Lara frogged a sweater I had started on the machine a few years back. I now have enough yarn to make a different sweater – yeah. Eliza had a beautiful Maelstrom Shawl that she had to frog (it was painful to watch but she had had time to come to grips with it) because of a mistake in its construction which caused it to puff up in the middle. I can’t wait to see it remade if she chooses to do that. Heather was working on a baby sweater that she decided to finish and everyone else had a project or two in hand that needed to either be finished or frogged (some of us both). Erin managed to finish one of her gloves as well – I’ll take a picture of both of them next week when I see her at our regular meet up).

Eliza browsing through the organic wool.
Lara frogging my sweater!
Lisa in her only garment made for herself! She should make more.
Heather showing her drop stitch wrap.

All in all, this was a great evening – one of the best I’ve had at this kind of an event. I took a few pictures of the front of the studio but you’ll have to go and visit the website to get the images of the back – or better jet take a little jaunt up there and check it out. You’ll be glad you did and let Janice know Mr. Hugzzz sent ya!

Hugzzz 😎

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