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As a thank you to those of you who have shown your support of the upcoming show, I have a giveaway for you!!!

There will be many more in the future, as the initial response from the news of the show at Stitches West was very encouraging! As a matter of fact, I have already received quite a few items to give away to viewers of the upcoming show! Some of these will be open for everyone, subscribers or not, and others will only be for subscribers. Just a little tease as to what some of these things are (I’m not saying which are which):

  • various yarns (at least 10 brands have either given or have promised to give yarn)
  • knitting needles from HiyaHiya
  • Products from Jimmy Beans Wool (needles, yarn, and Namaste swag)
  • A personally autographed copy of Strange Brew from Tin Can Knits
  • A copy of The Complete Crochet Course and Designer Crochet by Shannon & Jason Mullett-Bowlsby, the Shibaguyz
  • One of 6 Stitchips® by XRX Publishing
  • … and many, many more!!

For now, we’ll start with one of the Stitchips®. One name from all subscribers (regardless of the level) will be drawn and that person can choose one of the following:

  • Arans & Celtics
  • The Knitters Handbook – Essential skills and helpful hints from Knitters Magazine
  • Socks – Socks – Socks
  • The Great American Afghan collection
  • Shawls and Scarves
  • A Gathering of Lace

For those that don’t know, Stitchips® are a digital representation of books and magazines published by XRX. They are a business card sized casing housing a .pdf file of the selected work. They attach to your device through the USB port and allow you access to the book, magazine, or collected works within. The .pdf files also contain clickable hyperlinks! You can find out more about them at this link:


If you haven’t subscribed yet, there’s still time! Click below on the level you’d like to subscribe at and you’ll see the benefits of that level. All levels, other than wool, are a monthly subscription and can be cancelled/changed at any time. If you choose the wool level, you’ll be charged $12 for one year. Should you cancel your subscription during that year, you will be refunded any full, unused months remaining.

Level Price  
ITBTK-Wool $12.00 per Year. Select
ITBTK-Alpaca $3.00 per Month. Select
ITBTK-Silk $5.00 per Month. Select
ITBTK-Cashmere $10.00 per Month. Select
ITBTK-Qiviut $25.00 per Month. Select
ITBTK-Corporate Sponsor $62.50 per Month. Select

Make sure you do it by March 11th though, as that’s the cut-off date for the Stitchip® drawing! The winner will be announced in the next blog post after that date! Good luck to everybody!!
And be sure to watch this page for an upcoming review of Stitches West, an announcement about the launch of the show, and a new streaming platform for It Takes Balls To Knit! Your support is not only appreciated, it’s getting some great stuff going!

Huge hugzzz 😎

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