It’s Back!!

… with a little help from you, that is! Yes, you!

This was 5 years ago …

And now, I’d like to bring this back. As a matter of fact, I’ve already started creating content for the show, and it’s return is slated for early April! If you haven’t seen this before, please feel free to watch the Pilot episode from 5 years ago to get caught up and see what I’m talking about.

Back then, I ran out of funding 10 episodes in. What made this unfortunate was the fact that the show was just starting to get traction and we had lots of great content to bring you. Well, no good dream ever dies, and I’m glad to say this one didn’t! As a matter of fact, I think the timing is even more essential this time around and I hope to bring you great content from around the world every week to keep you informed and entertained!

In order to do this however, I’m going to need your help. While the cost of production has been reduced thanks to available technology, it’s still a massive burden to bring a show like this to you every week. As a result, I’m soliciting your help via subscriptions to this website. You may notice the extra menu items in the header of this website. Those are tabs for you to subscribe to this website and help me bring you the interesting and informative content that’s out there. If you haven’t already registered, and want to do so, simply click on the Register tab, and select the level you’re willing to subscribe at. When you click on the level you want, you’ll see the benefits of that level and a PayPal checkout button to process your payment. It is not necessary to have a PayPal account to pay, as you can use your credit card.

I know you have a lot of questions, so I’ve prepared a short little Q&A to answer some of the more obvious ones you may have. Please feel free to contact me if you have any others.

Q: When will I see the benefits of subscribing?
A:  Immediately! Membership at all levels includes a % discount on anything on this site. You will get the discount for the level you’re at applied to any on site purchases. Within the week I will be releasing 3 new patterns that you will get a discount on with your registration! This discount is on top of any other promotion or sale price. More benefits will be available on a regular basis and once the show is launched.

Q: I’m already a member of the Close Knit Community on this website. Is this the same thing?
A: No. The Close Knit Community is a way that I can contact people who have joined via e-mail. It is a free group. This a way that you can be a Patron to my cause of connecting the world through knitting and sharing our stories. Much the same way that Shakespeare had Patrons to allow him to create his works, I am asking you to assist me in bringing the world of knitting to everyone. (No, I’m not saying I’m Skakespeare–we’re just in a similar situation).

Q: If I don’t subscribe, will I still be able to view your website?
A: Yes! The website will remain and there will still be regular posts available to all–subscribers and non-subscribers. There will periodically be posts for subscribers only, with information on new benefits, or contests/giveaways that only they are eligible for.

Q: What will you be giving away?
A: All sorts of things! Since the segments of the show will cover all aspects of knitting, I will be working with all sorts of people connected with the knitting world. Most of them have already agreed to donate swag for me to give away! It’s a win/win as they get the promotion, and you get the swag! Anything from yarn (who doesn’t love yarn?) to books, needles, event passes, and more!!

Q: Will I be able to get any giveaways if I don’t subscribe!
A: Yes! There will always be giveaways available to everyone, but there will often be giveaways that are available to subscribers only.

Q: Isn’t this crowdfunding? Why don’t you use Patreon or Kickstarter?
A: Yes, it is. I am relying entirely on your generosity in order to see this project to fruition. In return, I will not only bring you information and entertainment I think you want (you’ll also have the opportunity to tell me what you want to see), I will work with the very people I inform you about to give you samples of their products.
I have chosen this platform because more of your money actually goes to the cause you’re supporting. Most crowdfunding platforms retain up to 10% or more of all monies collected. This way, only 3% is retained, meaning 97% of it goes towards helping create the content you desire.

Q: What if I don’t like the show? Can I cancel my subscription?
A: Yes! I’ll be sorry to see you go, and will try to do everything in my power to ensure you don’t leave (create great content and make this extremely interactive), but if you choose to leave, you may do so at any time. If you chose the Wool membership, any remaining FULL months in your annual term will be refunded. All other subscriptions are billed monthly, and partial months are non-refundable.

Okay, I think that answers the pertinent questions for now. Feel free to ask any others either in the comments below, or by sending me an e-mail directly to

Lastly, I’d like to leave you with this if you’re thinking about Subscribing to this website to help me get this show going. If you’re not sure which level to subscribe to, look at them this way …

If I’m the kind of person you could see yourself …

Buying a lunch once a year, Subscribe at Wool
Buying a coffee once a month, Subscribe at Alpaca
Buying a latte once a month, Subscribe at Silk
Buying a lunch once a month, Subscribe at Cashmere
Buying a dinner once a month, Subscribe at Qiviut

By donating here, you’ll help me keep my waistline in check! 😉

Regardless of what level you subscribe at, your support is invaluable and greatly appreciated!

Huge hugzzz 😎

Subscribe t our site and help revive It Takes balls To Knit–The Show! Great new content, contests, and giveaways!

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