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Every now and then something happens that just puts a smile on my face! Yesterday, this very thing happened. I was coming home on transit from a day on a commercial for Wells Fargo when I noticed the Chinese lady behind me had a unique pouch for her Compass Card. That’s the card that we now use for our transit system to pay our fares. The color – a dark cranberry – caught my eye first.

knit pouch -00001

When I looked closer I realized it had been knitted. I tapped her on the shoulder and asked if she knitted it herself. Her response was a perplexed look and I realized instantly that she spoke little English. I pointed to the pouch and pointed to her and asked if she knit it. She made the universal motion with two hands of someone knitting. We made a connection!! I then communicated to her that I also knit and showed her the project I was currently working on.

knit pouch -00003

I then made the symbol with my thumb and forefinger of OK and said very nice. She then proceeded to take out her compass card and give me the pouch. I inspected it, admiring the intricate detail in such a small object. The work was immaculate and precisely done. I was duly impressed with the delicacy of the work and found myself visualizing her hands manipulating 3mm needles to achieve this level of detail. And it had CABLES!!!! Can you believe that?!!

knit pouch -00002

It was a raglan vest with a centre cable panel flanked by two twisted stitch cables on either side! It has a collar and a shoelace closure as well! Color me impressed!!! I nodded and smiled my approval and tried to return it to her. She would have none of that. She insisted with her gestures that I keep the pouch. I was touched.

I am amazed at the generosity of everyone in this amazing community of ours – our Close Knit Community! I don’t know how long it took her to make this, but even if it had only taken 5 minutes, for her to just give it to me, a total stranger, says so much! I couldn’t thank her enough and barely got the chance to as she was getting off at the next stop, going swimming at the Community Center. I gave her my card and hope she makes contact in the future.

knit pouch

And speaking of Close Knit Community, I did promise there would be things happening with that this week. In that regard, there will be a blog post on Saturday reviewing Deborah Newton’s book – Good Measure. This book is very dear to me because it is one of the reasons I became a knitter in the first place. More details in the post. After the review is posted I will be holding a draw and giving away the copy that Deborah so generously donated to a member of our Close Knit Community. If you haven’t joined yet, do so before Saturday for your chance to win the book. I’ll announce the winner in the post. Even if it’s not you, I highly recommend you adding this book to your knitting library as it’s an invaluable resource!

good measure

This is just a sample of one of the many illustrations in the book providing detailed explanations on how to get the perfect fit for whatever you’re knitting! See you Saturday!

Hugzzz 😎



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  1. Linda Kephart Fallon

    The totally awesome generosity of knitters always makes me smile! Thank you for sharing this wonderful story.

  2. Adorable cardholder!

  3. I agree Linda!! You’re welcome.
    Hugzzz 😎

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