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Thanks for visiting this page! This is our Close Knit Community – a world wide group of people who are fans of all things knitting and crocheting! If you see your name on here, know that you are a part of that community and among friends! There’s only a few names on here right now, but I have many, many more to add and the list is growing exponentially!! Would you like to be in our CKC? It’s really easy – just fill out the form below with your name and email address! That’s it!

Being in the CKC will get you the following …

  • Access to periodic free patterns
  • Discounts on selected patterns and merchandise from this site
  • Automatic entry into draws for giveaways from sponsors!
  • Updates on relevant information in the World of Knitting
  • Huge hugzzz 😎

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Thanks for joining and welcome to the Close Knit Community!




25 Replies to “Close Knit Community”

  1. Hi im glad to find this. Im a 39 yrs old guy who learned early from my mother to knit but i leave it years ago. Now my newborn baby is here and want to bring it back this beutiful art to make my baby some beautiful stuff. It is sad that my mom is no more with us but im looking in the web what i can find to bring back to my memory this craft. Thankyou for share this and ill be visiting this blog oft.

    Best Regards

  2. Just watched your interview on Kristy Glass Knits – WONDERFUL! I’ve joined your Close Knit Community and signed my husband up too, he just started crocheting :). Love the idea of this community because I am trying to grow a crafty community in my home town as we speak – so exciting! Essex, ON Canada

  3. What a wonderful community. I am moving back to Toronto after 40 years inUSA so I am happy to have a Canadian as well as USA community I don’t have any other knitters in my family and I am 80 years young

  4. I saw a video on youtube with an interview with kristy glass and wanted to get a copy of the pattern you displayed on their with the long sleeve/scarf

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