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By far, my favorite winter accessory is the scarf. It has almost as many different looks as you’ll find anywhere in knitting, and can be used to teach virtually any technique. As I have mentioned before, I like making scarves as “swatches” so that I have a better idea of what a design idea will look like, and also when the sweater is finished I have a matching scarf. If you’ve been following this site for any time, you probably have seen the Elementary Scarf I made last year after reverse engineering one that Joan Watson (Lucy Liu) wore in an episode. I’ve been eagerly watching the show this season waiting for the climate to get cold enough for her to wear some more. Finally, that episode has arrived!!

Episode 13 in Season 2, “All In The Family”, delights with scarves not only on Watson (Lucy Liu), but Markus, Sherlock, Captain Gregson, and other supporting cast. There’s also some great head wear in the episode as well. Let’s have a look ..

This simple 1×1 ribbed scarf has been worked lengthwise and then joined. Again, you can see this is machine made as the seam is very evident (second photograph). Unfortunately, it has to be done this way to give the texture which can’t be worked in the round. You could however graft the ends together to eliminate the seam. The Barrington Scarf 3.0 does this (see previous post).

joan and sherlock


As you can see, it is a very wide, short scarf that gets worn as a very loose neckwarmer more than a scarf. Options would be to make it at least twice as long and then have it wrapped around your neck twice. Holmes is wearing a bi-colored sailors toque as well which would be easy enough to replicate. Earlier in the episode Joan wears a similar toque in all black. Of note is the really cool hat Joan is sporting, although I’m not sure of the practicality of this in a New York winter. She does make it look good though!

joan and sherlock 2


For style choices, my favorite character on the show is detective Markus Bell, played by Jon Michael Hill. Yes, Lucy steals the show most often, but as a fellow black man, I like the sense of style that Markus portrays on the show. In this episode he is wearing a classic, understated, bi-color scarf in an intricate yet not overpowering pattern. Unfortunately, in the second scene where there is better light there is a continuity issue and he is not wearing the scarf, so the above is the best capture I could get of it.

Honorable mention goes again to Lucy for this fabulous silk scarf she wears a few times throughout the episode. Even though it’s not knit, I had to include it here as it is simply stunning. Wish we had gotten a full view of it.


Even though you’d never know it from my posts, Elementary is a fabulous show and well worth your time to watch – not just for the knitting fashion!

Hugzzz 😎

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