Barrington 3.0 Pattern is here …

[Translate] I’m pleased to say that the pattern for the Barrington 3.0 is up! I’ll make this a very short and sweet post, as I think I’ve said everything I need to in the other previous posts. A special shout out to the peeps that made this possible … Amy Rampfl for her great photography work – check her out here … Amy Rampfl Photography Sarka, Eileen, Mitch, Stephanie, and Dino – you are the best models ever!!! Stephanie – for adding additional wardrobe options. You can check out her site here – Devil May Wear! Jacquie Howard – […]

Barrington 3.0 Part 2

[Translate] Well, Amy of Amy Rampfl Photography has finished editing some more of the pictures from the photo shoot. You can click on her name to go to her website and see what other fantastic work she does. So here are some more of those pics to show you the versatility of this scarf design using the Cascade Yarns Eco+. As I stated in the last post, since it comes in large skeins, it’s a great value and gives you many design options. You saw the cowl and matching neck warmer modeled by Dino and Eileen I got in […]

Elementary accessory ….

[Translate] By far, my favorite winter accessory is the scarf. It has almost as many different looks as you’ll find anywhere in knitting, and can be used to teach virtually any technique. As I have mentioned before, I like making scarves as “swatches” so that I have a better idea of what a design idea will look like, and also when the sweater is finished I have a matching scarf. If you’ve been following this site for any time, you probably have seen the Elementary Scarf I made last year after reverse engineering one that Joan Watson (Lucy Liu) […]

Thanks Amy!

[Translate] While I was in Chicago for VKL in October, I met a great lady named Amy Kaspar. In actuality, she met me, as I was getting my shoes shined and knitting. I’m very glad to say that even though she’s a resident of Chicago, she visited me two weeks ago! She was in Seattle for work, and made the trip up to Vancouver to visit with some friends – myself included. We had a great visit over lunch at The Foundation (a great vegetarian restaurant on Main Street) and she even wrote an article for the Chicago Examiner […]

Don’t do it!

[Translate] Okay, I have to take a minute out from the regularly scheduled program for a bit of a rant. If this is your first time on this blog, forgive me, but this issue has to be addressed. If you’ve been here before, you’ll know this isn’t my normal kind of posting, but again, this issue has to be addressed. Okay, with that disclaimer out of the way, here I go. Christmas is just around the corner and I know there are a lot of people who have been busy knitting for quite some time now in preparation for […]