Just Knitting

The Knit Must Go On …

[Translate] CORVID-19. It’s affecting all us regardless of whether or not we have it. Recently, across most of North America, governments have issued decrees advising everyone to stay home as much as possible, leaving only for groceries and medical assistance where/when needed. Prior to that there have been bans on gatherings of more than 5 people in public places. While this may help slow the spread of this virus, it has very effectively stopped most in person social interaction outside of the home. Stitchers have always been very social people. Most cities and towns have a social aspect to […]

New Experiences …

[Translate] – Are you sure you want to do this?– As sure as I’ll ever be. I’ve done a bit of research and while it’s a new technique for me I’m quite familiar with the basic concept.– So you have experience then?– *blush* Yes, some. I’ve done it a few times but there are so many ways to do it it seems different every time. – Yes, it can be. Are you ready to get started?– Yes, but please be gentle. It’s been a while and as I said, I’ve never done it like this before. – You’re in […]

How to tie a scarf and help A Hundred Ravens!

[Translate] As we’re getting into the coldest part of the winter here in the Northern Hemisphere, we find ourselves bundling up to protect against the cold that comes with it. What better way to do that than with a super scarf?! What’s a super scarf? Well, it’s one that’s a minimum of 100″ long and 10″ wide (no, I don’t know who decided on this). Luckily, I have such a pattern for you to make your very own! This scarf came about for 2 reasons. A few years back, A Hundred Ravens generously gifted me some yarn to “play […]

New Year, New Decade … New You?

[Translate] Welcome to the Roarin’ 20’s! Oops, that was 100 years ago. So what are the 20’s of this era going to be called I wonder? When we look back, what will we say about them? Well, I’m not certain what everyone else is going to say about them, but I know I’m going to say it was the decade I expanded my view and increased my knitting IQ! How would you like to do that with me? How? Sweaters and More! What’s that? Here’s a brief little video explaining that and how I think we can all take […]

The shirts are here!

[Translate] It’s almost time for a new decade and we’re preparing here at ITBTK headquarters with the launch of our t-shirts!! That’s right, we now have custom printed t-shirts displaying our new log on the front … … and our mission statement on the back! The shirts are unisex and available in Hugzzz Blue and Heather Grey from XS-XXL. For the full description of them and to order yours, click here … ITBTK Shirts! They’re on sale until January 7th. We will also be introducing some new colours in the new year, so make sure you stay tuned and […]