New Experiences …

– Are you sure you want to do this?
– As sure as I’ll ever be. I’ve done a bit of research and while it’s a new technique for me I’m quite familiar with the basic concept.
– So you have experience then?
– *blush* Yes, some. I’ve done it a few times but there are so many ways to do it it seems different every time.
– Yes, it can be. Are you ready to get started?
– Yes, but please be gentle. It’s been a while and as I said, I’ve never done it like this before.
– You’re in good hands. Would you like a safe word?
– I don’t think that will be necessary, I trust you.
– Okay, let’s start with the correct placement of your hands. You have to grip the shaft firmly but not too tightly. Control of it’s movement is key. Once you master that, you’ll get the desired result in no time.
– Okay, I’ll try and remember that. Is this correct? Am I holding it right?
– Yes, that seems to work just fine. Now, you’ll need to manipulate it very carefully in order to get it right. And pace is key. Don’t go too fast. I know a lot of people like to see results quickly, but good things come to those who wait. Instant gratification isn’t always the best thing.
– Okay. I like when it lasts longer myself. It’s nice to be able to control that.
– I think that’s the best attitude to have when doing this. Now, you want to establish and maintain a steady rhythm. Once you’re used to it you’ll be able to vary it from time to time. Variety is good but finding out what works for you is key.
– I know what I like. Is that what you mean?
– Something like that. Okay, now, you need to put the tip in that hole you have there. Yes, that’s right. It may be a little tight but after a bit it will loosen up and slide in more easily. Yes, that’s it. It’s okay, you can give it a little tug. Good. Now pull it towards you, and then back away again. Yes. Excellent. Now you repeat that process again.
– How many times?
– It depends on the size. Each one is different. They should all tell you. Unless you’re doing it by yourself, then it’s up to you. When you feel finished.
– I think I get it. Can we try another way now or should I practice this one some more?
– You’re insatiable, aren’t you. Do that one a little more and then we’ll do another technique.
– How many ways are there to do this?
– Oh, there’s enough to keep us up all night and then some. But let’s make this last shall we? There will be other nights.
– Yes, yes there will. It’s just the desire is so strong! I feel like I’m going to explode.
– Good. That means you’re doing it right.
Thank you so much for teaching me how to cast on!

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