How to tie a scarf and help A Hundred Ravens!

As we’re getting into the coldest part of the winter here in the Northern Hemisphere, we find ourselves bundling up to protect against the cold that comes with it. What better way to do that than with a super scarf?! What’s a super scarf? Well, it’s one that’s a minimum of 100″ long and 10″ wide (no, I don’t know who decided on this). Luckily, I have such a pattern for you to make your very own!

This scarf came about for 2 reasons. A few years back, A Hundred Ravens generously gifted me some yarn to “play with”. They are incredible dyers and this yarn was no exception. You all know of my love of anything blue!

Some time went by because I wanted to make something special with it, but wasn’t sure what. Yes, I thought of a cabled sweater for myself, and that was probably where it would have ended up if fate hadn’t intervened. My friend Chris and I were chatting on set one day and the subject of me knitting something for him came up. No, I don’t remember how. When I asked him what colour he wanted said object in, he didn’t bat an eye and said “Cerulean Blue”! The colour question is a kind of test for me and when people are very specific I’m more inclined to actually knit something for them.

I did mention fate, didn’t I? Guess what colour the yarn I had from A Hundred Ravens was? Yeah, you didn’t have to guess, did you? It was as close to “Cerulean Blue” as I was going to get without actually asking for it to be re-dyed exactly. So Chris was going to get his scarf – I just had to actually design and knit it. I knew it would have cables (yes, probably the Barrington Braid), but it needed more. A cabled border panel seemed appropriate. My friend Dorota (Devorgilla on Ravelry – look her up, you won’t be disappointed) had been playing around with some borders and had sent me a few to look at. I picked one that I thought looked good with the braid and mirrored it on each side and started knitting.

Christian’s Scarf!

4 skeins and 100″ later, the result is Christian’s Scarf – which coincidentally is also 10″ wide! Of course I wasn’t going to let Chris get off scotch free for this so I coerced him into doing a video for the show showing you different ways to tie a scarf. Being a super scarf you’re able to wrap this many, many ways! The accompanying video shows you 14! And there’s more, but I thought 14 was a good start. Here’s the video …

The story doesn’t end there though. Last year, A Hundred Ravens were the victims of a horrendous crime. Their trailer, loaded with yarn and on it’s way to a yarn show, was stolen! About 1/3 of the yarn was luckily recovered. That, and the generosity and willingness to help from the vendors at the show enabled them to stay the last 2 days of the event and recover some of the loss. Unfortunately, they still lost thousands of dollars in merchandise and their trailer as well. You can read about updates here.

As a thank you for their generosity and a small show of aid, 25% of the sales of this pattern until March 1st will go directly to A Hundred Ravens. If you’d like to help even more, consider purchasing the yarn for this pattern directly from their website – A Hundred Ravens. There is more information on how you can help at the update link above.

The pattern is also available for purchase on this Ravelry link.

I hope you enjoy the pattern, and even if you don’t use this scarf for it, I hope you enjoy discovering new ways to tie a scarf. I’d love to know which is your favourite!

Hugzzz 😎

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