Episode 7!

Yes, episode 7 of the show is now up! You can follow the link or watch it below!

Episode 7

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In this episode we look at what to do when you have a skein of yarn that you want to knit with and no ball winder. In actuality you can knit it straight off the skein, but that may lead to a tangle if you’re not very careful. Here’s how to wind it into a cake or a centre pull ball! Milli from Tribe Yarns shows you how to do the cake, and I the centre pull ball.

Milli of Tribe Yarns!

If you’ve ever travelled to Edinburgh, Scotland, you’ve probably visited Ginger Twist Studio and seen all the wonderful fibre goodness Jess manages to pack into that wee little shop of hers! If you haven’t, add it to your bucket list! Not only is it the neatest little shop you’ll see, I couldn’t possibly tell you the delight I had chatting and knitting with Jess – and the gang from the Townhouse Knitters (their Monday night knit night group). what’s even cooler is watching Jess as she knits! Taught by her grandmother, she adapted the continental style to suit her left handedness and does it entirely in reverse – even taking the stitches from the right needle to the left! And she’s blinding fast – even in slow motion!

Jess and her possé (Townhouse Knitters) at the Barrelhouse Bar and Grill!

After that we come back to Vancouver, BC where Trudy Ann of Trudy Anns Chai serves us up a cup (or tow or three) of her Bombay Masala Chai! Man is it ever good!! Watch and find out how you can get her cookbook, spices, and some chai as well! Did you know that “chai” means “tea” in English? Remember that the next time you ask for some “chai tea” because what you’re really asking for is some “tea tea”! 😉

Trudy Ann and her Bombay Masala Chai!

There’s also a contest winner announcement and a new giveaway from this episode! Here is the video if you want to watch it here – and please remember to subscribe to the channel and check out my Patreon page if you’re able to help support this endeavour!

Episode 7

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