A Common Thread

Home again … for now! ;)

[Translate] Wow!! What an amazing 2 months it has been! If you haven’t been following my Facebook or Instagram posts, you might not know that I have been traveling across the UK and Europe for the last 2 months! It was my intention to be blogging regularly as I visited yarn shops and shows etc, but let’s just say I was overwhelmed by all the experiences I had while over there! I did manage a few posts, but after Woollinn (which I will have to add to), I was entirely too busy to post regularly. I did do “mini” […]

Countess Ablaze!

[Translate] As you may know, I am currently spending 2 months traveling through the UK and Europe. There are a few reasons for the trip, but among the primary ones are to visit family members and friends that I have not met or seen in ages, and to explore the knitting culture firsthand on the “other side of the pond”! I recently got a chance to do the latter by visiting a yarn store in Manchester, England – Countess Ablaze! I’ve been visiting my aunt Jem for the last week since arriving in the UK, and we went into […]

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas …

[Translate] Yes, this is a re-post, but I’m sure some of you didn’t see it the first time! ‘Twas the night before Christmas And the needles were clicking Even over the chatter you could hear The tick, tick, tick, ticking As it seemed that Santa’s elves Had forgotten a huge list And some good boys and girls Were going to be missed Now the knitters and crocheters Couldn’t stand idly by As no one wanted to see anyone With a tear in their eye With patterns from Franklin, Melissa, Jenny,  Hugzzz and many more The crafters  purchased fiber From […]

Help is on the Way …

[Translate] On Saturday I had the great pleasure to teach a Cables class to 20 knitters at Apple Yarns in Bellingham, Washington. Over 3 hours I shared with them what I could about cables and such. Now I don’t know about other instructors, but when I teach people anything, I try and go beyond the simple technique and give them the tools they need to apply those skills in everyday projects. In this case, it was showing them how increasing their understanding of cables and how they behave might give them the confidence to adapt a pattern or perhaps […]

Happy Belated to Me …

[Translate] It seems I had an anniversary last month that went by so quietly that I didn’t even realize it! On January 13th, I turned 5!! Yes, I have been doing this blog/website for 5 years now! Wow, where has the time gone?? In that time I have averaged almost 3 posts a week and have had visitors from literally all over the world! Looking at the analytics of the site, I have had visitors from places I have never even heard of before! Here is a map showing density of visitors to the site by geographical location. This […]