All about Woollinn!

[Translate] Episode 4 of the show is now up! You can see it at this link – Episode 4! Fair warning – it’s a looooong one, but I think it’s worth it! Why? Well, it’s dedicated entirely to Woollinn 2019. If you didn’t make it you may feel like you had been there and if you did it will bring back some memories from just over a month ago! There’s a more comprehensive breakdown of it under The Show tab on this site, as I’ve finally gotten around to getting that page up and running. I’ll be putting up […]

It’s Time!!

[Translate] Well, by the time you read this, it will be! What time? 7:00 PM BST (British Summer Time). Time to register for classes at Perth Festival of Yarn 2019 and get your tickets! And by Perth, I mean Perth, Scotland, not Australia (maybe somebody should put together one there). I’m also pleased to say that I’ll be teaching two classes there as well, on guess what? CABLES!! There will be a beginner cables class on Sunday morning, then an advanced class that same afternoon. I promise I won’t have you twisted in knots though! I’ll also be joined […]


[Translate] #youshouldhavebeenthere If you didn’t make it to Woollinn this year, the above hashtag sums it up in one (okay, technically 5) word! I’m interrupting my regular postings to bring you this quick review of an absolutely stupendous event, especially for a first year! I would have to say the theme of the event this year was #colour!! It was everywhere, vibrant, and saturated. Here is a link to a walk through I did on Facebook. Unfortunately, because of the size of it, it didn’t upload in HD. 🙁 Woollinn Walkthrough There was an great list of instructors teaching […]

Inspirational Wonderment!

[Translate] The variety that exists in our industry is second to none. Even if we restrict this discussion to just knitting, I could go on endlessly on all the facets there are. To get a small example of this, you need only go to Ravelry and see how many little sects there are. The last time I was there, it was over 35,000 groups. And this is just on Ravelry! Yes, I am aware that there are overlaps, but needless to say, if you have a particular niche that you want to explore, you can probably find someone else […]

That time of year ….

[Translate] This is the time of year that most people refer to as the “Dog Days of Summer”. Most knitters don’t think of knitting in the heat (except those in the Southern Hemisphere who are enjoying winter) and I used to be among this group. There are actually lots of great things to knit in the summer to keep you cool, and definitely in the evenings it’s a great time to unwind during those long summer nights. Today is also July 25th, or as it is getting to be known as, Christmas in July! That’s right, Christmas is only […]