Episode 2 is up!!

[Translate] I’m very happy to tell you that episode 2 of the show is now up. You can find it on YouTube by clicking this link …… Episode 2 … or stay on this site and watch it here! In this episode we welcome a new product sponsor – Erin Lane Bags – and have 3 giveaways for our viewers in 2 segments. We travel to Bellingham, Washington to visit Andrea and Andrew Evans of Apple Yarns in our new LYS Spotlight segment. You’ll love their humour and their store and be eligible to win some great yarn and […]

Home again … for now! ;)

[Translate] Wow!! What an amazing 2 months it has been! If you haven’t been following my Facebook or Instagram posts, you might not know that I have been traveling across the UK and Europe for the last 2 months! It was my intention to be blogging regularly as I visited yarn shops and shows etc, but let’s just say I was overwhelmed by all the experiences I had while over there! I did manage a few posts, but after Woollinn (which I will have to add to), I was entirely too busy to post regularly. I did do “mini” […]

Countess Ablaze!

[Translate] As you may know, I am currently spending 2 months traveling through the UK and Europe. There are a few reasons for the trip, but among the primary ones are to visit family members and friends that I have not met or seen in ages, and to explore the knitting culture firsthand on the “other side of the pond”! I recently got a chance to do the latter by visiting a yarn store in Manchester, England – Countess Ablaze! I’ve been visiting my aunt Jem for the last week since arriving in the UK, and we went into […]

Crawl …

[Translate] Episode 2 of the show is up. Here’s a trailer for this episode. You can follow the link at the end of it to buy/rent this episode, or all of them! Be sure to check our contest page later today to find out the contest of the week. A little hint … it’s based on content from this episode, so you’ll have to watch it to be able to win! Enjoy! Hugzzz 😎

Baby steps …

[Translate] Well, more of a crawl, really. Yup, the Yarn Harvest has begun and we went out yesterday in the hopes of getting through 9 of the 16 stores on the list. We made a valiant effort, but only got to 7, so we’ll tackle the rest today. If you’re in the lower mainland and haven’t heard about the crawl, its not too late, and you can still get in on the fun! If you’ve never been on a crawl before, you should check in your community and see if there’s one planned. If not, you should consider just […]