New Experiences …

[Translate] – Are you sure you want to do this?– As sure as I’ll ever be. I’ve done a bit of research and while it’s a new technique for me I’m quite familiar with the basic concept.– So you have experience then?– *blush* Yes, some. I’ve done it a few times but there are so many ways to do it it seems different every time. – Yes, it can be. Are you ready to get started?– Yes, but please be gentle. It’s been a while and as I said, I’ve never done it like this before. – You’re in […]

A new decade …

[Translate] It’s amazing how time passes, isn’t it? In just over a month and a half we will be ushering in a new decade!! Wow!! While there’s still lots to do in this one, it’s also necessary to start planning the beginning of the next one as well! At camp Hugzzz, things are buzzing! Not only do I have a major project launching on January 1st (you’ll see more about that in the next blog post), I’m already booking teaching gigs for next year. They’ll line up nicely with the content I need to get for the YouTube show […]

Ready, Set, Go!

[Translate] We’re off! This is the first day of the start of the VKAL – VIDEO Knit-A-Long. What makes this different from all the other Knit-A-Long’s out there? The VIDEO! This is a little like taking a class or workshop for a knitting technique – in this case Introduction to Double Knitting – but a little more than that as well. Along the way there will be tips and techniques that will not only help you get a great grasp of double knitting (knitting a two-sided  or reversible fabric), but will help you with all your regular knitting projects […]

The long and short of it all …

[Translate] We’re 9 days away from starting the VKAL – have you signed up yet? No?!! Well, you can do it here … VKAL Don’t worry, there’s still time to sign up an get your yarn for the first video – casting on. Just a few updates on the VKAL … There are 2 options for the cowl/scarf … long or short … or you can do both if you like! I’ve recently completed both (the short one is now being blocked) and this is what they look like … Yes, you can make the long one and have […]


[Translate] What’s a VKAL you ask? Well, it’s a VIDEO Knit-A-Long! What’s a VIDEO Knit-A-Long you ask? It’s a Knit-A-Long with video support – a lot of video support! Think of it as getting a bunch of lessons AND a pattern AND giveaways and FUN! We’re going to be stating a Knit-A-Long for the Barrington 5.0. I know, the 4.0 isn’t even out yet! It will be soon, but I wanted to spread the news about this VKAL now, to get things ready for it’s launch right after Stitches West! So here’s the plan … the Barrington 5.0 is […]