The Countdown is on …

Well, it’s only a few weeks to go now for the first episode of It Takes Balls To Knit – The Show to be released. As a matter of fact, I was just on the Sunshine Coast in beautiful Pender Harbour filming a segment for Dyeing To Knit You with Jenna Valley of Everlea Yarn! We had a great time filming and I learned a lot!! So much so, that I’ll be doing a return trip soon to film a second and possibly third segment. Turns out Indigo dyeing is an entirely different process to acid or natural dyeing! Can’t wait!

Jenna Valley of Everlea Yarn and I, in beautiful Pender Harbour!

Not only is Jenna the force behind Everlea Yarn, she started (and still maintains) Vancouver Yarn, a phenomenal resource for who’s who and what’s happening in the Vancouver knitting scene! She’s been keeping everyone connected here for over 10 years!! Make sure you tune in to see her telling you all about natural dyeing on the show and help support her in her foray into this area of the knitting world!

In regards to the show, I had a giveaway of a Stitchip® from my friends at XRX Publishing – the same great people that bring you the Stitches events every year. I’d like to announce the winner – Risa!! An e-mail has been sent out to her and I’ll update everyone on which of the 6 Stitchips she chose. Risa was eligible for the draw because she subscribed to this website to help support the production of the show. There will be many more subscriber giveaways in the future. I have 5 more Stitchips, and Jimmy Beans Wool has confirmed they’ve already sent some SmartStix that will be passed on to someone in the future (after a review on the show)! If you’d like to get in on the action AND show your support, please subscribe and help me get the show to you. Even if it’s just $1/month, every little bit helps and is greatly appreciated.

There’s one more little thing I’d like to ask you for with regards to the show. I’d like to make this show as interactive as possible, and several of the segments will rely on your feedback and participation. I’d like to start prepping some of those right now, with a little help from you of course! I need your input/feedback for the following segments in the show …

Show Us Your Knits … Do you have any fabulous knitwear that you made that you’re particularly proud and/or fond of? If you’d like it to be featured in the show, please send some pictures (being modelled by a person would be great) or even a short video. Include all information that may be relevant (yarn, special techniques, pattern name, designer, etc) in whichever format is easiest for you.
Knitflix … One of our show segments will focus on television shows and/or movies that feature/mention knitting. Are there any that you’ve seen that fit the bill? Just to name a few so you get the idea
Demolition Man : remember when Sly knits the sweater for Sandra while catching up on what he missed while in the freezer?,
Pushing Up Daisies : Chi’s character is a closet knitter of socks!,
Outlander : I’m sure you’ve noticed all the knitted pieces, and now we know Jamie’s character knows how to knit,
Gotham : young Bruce and Alfred sport some great knitted sweaters throughout the series,
Once Upon A Time : filmed here in Vancouver it’s loaded with knitting,
Elementary : I actually have two patterns on this site reverse engineered from the great stuff Joan wears in Season 1,
and others. Keep your eyes peeled and if you see/hear of one, drop us a quick note telling us the specifics (show, episode, how knitting is featured, etc).
Knitter Spotlight … Would YOU like to be on the show? Do you know someone who should be? Send us the details telling us who and why? We’ll contact you/them and have a short vetting process to see if we can make it happen! We really want to make this show about the entire scope of knitting, so we want to be entirely inclusive of all aspects of the craft, and all the people that participate in it.
Event Spotlight … Somewhere around the globe, I’m fairly certain there is an event going on every weekend in the knitting world. If you’re someone that puts on one of these events, or if you know of one, big or small, please let us know about it. We’re working on putting together a list of the events going on globally and need your help to do it. again, any information you can provide – event name, location, contact person, dates, # years running, website, etc – would be great! We’ll add it to our growing list and put it on out events page. We’ll have an Events Segment in the show so you never know. Your event may be in it one day!!

If you have any of the above information for us, you can send it to

We appreciate all submission and look forward to including you in this!

Hugzzz 😎


I don’t know if you’re like me or not, but I just can’t help looking for knitwear whenever I’m watching a TV show or movie. I don’t intentionally look for it, but knitwear is like a neon sign whenever I’m watching stuff. Actually, even in everyday life, out in public, I’ve been known to stop a stranger to take a picture of something cool they’re wearing. I know it’s high on the creep factor initially, but once I explain, and show them a card or something to make them believe I knit, its usually all cool. TV is different though because I get to pause it and admire without freaking anybody out.

And today, while I was in Wet Coast Wools, one of my favorite LYSes, preparing for World Wide Knit in Public Day, I got talking with Glenda and the ladies in the store about knitting on television. They’ve turned me on a great series called Cranford and Return to Cranford that features knitting throughout. I’ve just started watching it, but I promise to report on it in the future. I have done a post (or two) before about knitting on television, but thought it was a great time to re-visit that topic as there are so many new shows that feature knitting. And I learned of a few I didn’t know about (and I’m sure there are lots more to discover)!

Now I’m fairly certain we’re all familiar with the more popular ones like Outlander and Elementary (which have been featured here before), but as I just said, there are a few really good new ones you might not have been aware of.

Gotham …

… reinventing the Batman story might not seem like the most likely place to feature knitting, and it doesn’t do it on a regular basis, but every now and then Alfred (Sean Pertwee) shows up in a great sweater that makes you want to pick up your needles and yarn! In the last few episodes of Season 2, you’ve also seen a young Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) in a few different sweater looks. And right from the very beginning you knew you see a teen-aged Catwoman (Camren Bicondova) sporting the fingerless gloves!

alfred and bruce



Grimm …

… having just finished it’s 5th Season, it seems Grimm is here to stay for a little while longer. I’m good with that. A modern retelling of the classic Grimm Fairy Tales, Grimm centers on the life on police detective Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli), who discovers he is descended from a long line of hunters who fight supernatural evil. It may sound hokey, but it’s a good spin on a lot of the tales we know so well and it’s done very well. My favorite reason for tuning into this show though has become to see what sweater or cardigan Monroe (Siras Wier Mitchell) will wear next! And sometimes his wife Rosalee (Bree Turner) gets in on the action with a dapper number of her own!




Scandal …

… this show lives up to it’s name as each week, there is a fresh Scandal for Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) and Associates to squash in their distinct gladiatorial style! I enjoyed the plot of the show the first 2 seasons, as the underlying story behind the real scandal of the presidency of the White House was very interesting and unpredictable. Unfortunately now however, my main reason for watching it is to check in on the style of the wardrobe the characters are wearing. It’s not always a knitted piece, but even so, a lot of the pieces offer inspiration for creating a knitted counterpart. For me that’s reason enough to tune in. 🙂

Doctor Who …

… everybody knows about the infamous Doctor Who scarf from the series when Tom Baker portrayed everyone’s favorite time traveling doctor! And while the current incarnation of the heralded doctor doesn’t sport a scarf, the show made the list because of the scarf worn by Osgood (Ingrid Oliver) in the 50th Anniversary episode. There was also another scarf worn by John Hurt in his portrayal of the doctor in this episode that stood out enough for me to take notice … and possibly reverse engineer both in the near future? 😉



Forever …

… this gets a mention even though the show was cancelled after 1 season. In the show, a 200+ year old New York City coroner (Ioan Gruffudd) is searching for the secret of his apparent immortality after being shot and returning to life. In this show, Henry Morgan (Ioan), is always wearing scarves. So much so he is known for them by the other characters, some of which envy them. I had had plans of knitting a few for the show’s costumer in the hpe of them being used in the show, but alas, it got cancelled. 🙁

There are many other notables that should be mentioned in this post, but I’ll save them for a later date. In the interim, tell me shows you know that feature knitting on a regular basis. Let me know via a comment here, and/or a post on the various platforms of social media using the hashtag #knitflix … I’ll have a surprise for a lucky submission in the not too distant future!

Hugzzz 😎