Barrington 3.0


How can I wear thee? Let me count the ways! Getting 5 cowls/scarves from 4 skeins of Eco/Eco+ is a great bargain! And you’ll more options on how to wear them than there are days in a week!


Here is the third incarnation of the Barrington Braid Scarf. This version is a unisex cowl that has multiple variations! Knit 2 cowls with reversing colors, and 2 neck warmers of the same. You have options as the neck warmers can be worn separately, can be joined together as in a traditional scarf, or can be joined in a cowl to give you a bi-color cowl! However you decide to wear them, it’s sure to be a hit! Made with Cascade Yarns Eco or Eco+, you have over 75 colorways to choose from to match your style. Also included in this pattern is a new way to graft when dealing with knit and purls stitches. This pattern is suitable for intermediate knitters, although brave beginners who are comfortable with cables will enjoy the challenge!

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