Welcome … again!

Hello everybody. Welcome to the same blog, new location. As you can see I have moved the location of the blog from the WordPress site to one with its own url. Hopefully nobody will get lost in the shuffle, and for that reason i am leaving the old one up for a week or two just in case. Please let me know by way of a comment if you had any trouble getting here and if you did, what it was. I would like to make this transition as smooth as possible. So just like with knitting I am learning a lot about this WordPress program and I have to say I am impressed. As it turns out I will be able to use it to build my website as well. With a little luck that will happen within the next few days but you’ll have to be patient. I worked all night last night on Smallville and am about ready to head out the door again to work on V. Oh well, at least I’m getting some knitting done. The Adam’s Rib sweater that I was making for myself simply needs sleeves now. Everybody on set was amazed as I have really only had time to work on it on set. This is a great plug for people to learn to knit. You truly can create something during spare time if you put your focus in the right place. If you think about the time you spend in front of the television even, being unproductive, you could accomplish a lot there. I don’t think I even watch TV without knitting in my hands anymore.

So seeing as I’m starting on a new site (the old posts are still here though), I’ll simply update you on things to get us started. I’ve mentioned the sweater for me. I should have it finished for Monday so it would be my first project for the 52 in 52 and I’m planning on doing something for myself to end it as well. Hey, it all starts and ends with me – right? ROFL. Seriously though, I have the second  and third projects started and have numerous requests for others already so I’m sure I won’t have a problem finding ideas for this endeavor. Somewhere in there I plan t jump on board with the Knitting Olympics – that is if it’s on this year. I’ll do a little research to see if it’s around sometime when I get home later or very early tomorrow as I may be very tired after almost 24 hours of “work”. I’m also going to look into setting up a counter for how much yarn I knit this year. I know there’s something out there somewhere I just can’t remember where I saw it. Again, more research assuming I’m not too tired. I got my hand on some gorgeous Organic Wool the other day and will try and use it to demonstrate how to eliminate the jog you get when knitting in the round. Chris – that’s mainly for you as I did promise to answer that comment you had. Aside from that, there’s a few more tweaks to add to this blog and the website to get up and running. I sure am glad I enjoy knitting so much …

Speaking of which, I’ll end this post with a joke. I warn you from the beginning though, its not politically correct and some readers may be offended but like all good jokes, its meant as harmless fun. If you can’t laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at?

So this lady is on an airplane knitting away when the flight attendant approaches her and informs her that she is not allowed to knit on the airplane.

“Why”? asks the lady

“It’s just company policy” replies the flight attendant. Not satisfied with the answer the lady demands to speak with the supervisor. The attendant leaves and is soon replaced by another informing the lady that she is the senior attendant on duty.

“I demand to know why I am not allowed to knit on the airplane’ the lady says to the new attendant in a polite but stern voice.

“Well,” says the attendant, “there is a concern that if we allow you to knit, you might knit an Afghan”!

Hugzzz 😎