Barrington 3.0 Part 2

Well, Amy of Amy Rampfl Photography has finished editing some more of the pictures from the photo shoot. You can click on her name to go to her website and see what other fantastic work she does. So here are some more of those pics to show you the versatility of this scarf design using the Cascade Yarns Eco+. As I stated in the last post, since it comes in large skeins, it’s a great value and gives you many design options. You saw the cowl and matching neck warmer modeled by Dino and Eileen I got in the last post. Here are the reverse color combinations worn by Sarka and Mitch and Stephanie from Devil May Wear (thanks for your clothing contributions for the shoot Stephanie) shows how you can combine the neck warmers together to make a cowl or unbutton one end and have a more traditional scarf. Well, sort of traditional. In all, that’s 6 looks! That’s what I call a good deal indeed!








There will be one more post with more pictures.

Hugzzz 😎


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