Fall into Knitting …

[Translate] I hope you’ve enjoyed summer where ever you are – and if you’ve been in the UK that week of sunshine that you had in July? I myself have been in Vancouver for a few weeks but mostly in the UK. As luck would have it, I had a fantastic month in Vancouver but missed the said week in the UK. The good news is that I’ll be heading back to Vancouver in time for FALL!! And for the KnitCity yarn festival in early October. And maybe Rhinebeck? Or maybe to Barcelona for a knitting festival there? It’s […]

Episode 2 is up!!

[Translate] I’m very happy to tell you that episode 2 of the show is now up. You can find it on YouTube by clicking this link …… Episode 2 … or stay on this site and watch it here! In this episode we welcome a new product sponsor – Erin Lane Bags – and have 3 giveaways for our viewers in 2 segments. We travel to Bellingham, Washington to visit Andrea and Andrew Evans of Apple Yarns in our new LYS Spotlight segment. You’ll love their humour and their store and be eligible to win some great yarn and […]

Olympic challenge update …

[Translate] Hello knitters! How goes your knitting challenge for the Olympics this year? Are you on pace to reach the medal podium? Bronze? Silver? Gold?!! Well, even though I started 2 days late, I was quite confident that I would get my challenge done before the closing ceremonies this coming Sunday. Now, I’m not so sure … As they said in Smokey and The Bandit … “We’ve got a long way to go and a short time to get there … We gotta do what they say can’t be done!” To reiterate, my challenge was to design, knit, and […]

knitting in public

It’s Time! …

[Translate] For what you ask? Well, for a lot of things! The first and most important is to let you know about the new look of my website. Okay, yeah, I guess you’ve seen it already. Actually, if you followed a link to this post directly, then you might not have. So after you read this one, click on the logo at the top and have a look around. I’d love any feedback on what you think – all comments are appreciated and I will use them to fine tune things. 🙂 It seems like I couldn’t have timed […]

Stitches West Review – Part III

[Translate] Wow – part 3 and I still haven’t finished day 2 at Stitches West yet. If you haven’t realized it yet, there’s a lot going on at a Stitches event! I know I’ve been teasing you about the pajama party for awhile now – intentionally!! We have a saying at Stitches you may have heard already … “What happens at the pajama party …” I’m sure you know the rest. For the most part that is true. I won’t be able to tell you much about what happens at the party, but I can share with you a […]